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The best All-You-Can-Eat Hot Pot Restaurant in Florida

Nine Spices Hot Pot

Hot Pot, a tradition traced back to over 1000 years. Hot pot is less of a dish than it is an experience. The authentic hot pot in coming to Davie! Nine Spices Hot Pot is the only All-You-Can-Eat hot pot restaurant with the richest broth base and the most variation of dishes.

Any size group is welcome in our 170+ seats venue. Private rooms are avaliable for any occations. Come in and try 6 different options of freshly made, daily prepped, home style broths.

We have teas, juices, smoothies and buble tea accompany over 50 dishes available to create your own HOT POT experience. Our conveyor belt that goes around the restaurant including the private rooms makes the dining experience as easy as a grab. Let’s not forget our sauce station for your creative sauce customization.

Nine Spices Hot Pot is going to take your hot pot experience to the next level.

How To Eat Hot Pot?

  1. Pick your broth
  2. Pick your meats and veggies
  3. Prepare your sauce at our Sauce Bar
  4. Dip your meats and veggies in the broth
  5. Dip in sauce and enjoy!

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